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Medical gas installation is the setting up of centralized gas system. The central medical gas consisting of oxygen and central vacuum, compressed air and N2O.

PT Sandana sell some medical equipment, either elektromedik, and non elektromedik

PT.Sandana provides various different kind of pendants, such as anasthesia pendant, surgery pendant, endoscope pendant, and ICU pendant

Nurse call is a communication form that allow patients to alert the health care staff member remotely of their need for help. PT Sandana offers a highly sophisticated system with code blue programs.

PT Sandana scope of work includes detailed engineering design project, procurement of all equipment and materials needed, and then build up to create a functioning facility or asset to clients

PT Sandana offers repair and restore services, as well as structure reconstruction particularize in gas piping system.

PT Sandana offers industrial users a wide range of pipes, fittings, valve and any essentials component to complete an industrial gas installation

PT Sandana offers a variety of equipment for industrial gases, such as manifolds, regulators, gas mixers, as well as welding and cutting equipment

Medical Product

PT Sandana sell retail items of medical gas equipment, such as regulators, flowmeter, medical devices and hospital needs. Priority we provide the best products to customers at competitive prices.

  • Flowmeter Baby FM293-1L
  • Flowmeter Humidifier FM891-15L
  • Regulator Central for Oxygen 153MX-200
  • Suction Regulator 882V-Set
  • Oxpure 4L
  • Oxpure 3L

Industrial Product

PT Sandana sell retail goods equipment of industrial gases, specialty gases and ultra high purity. Welding and cutting equipment are also available in our company with good quality products.

  • Regulator Extra Heavy Duty Pipeline for Oxygen 155LX-200
  • Regulator Extra Heavy Duty, Dual Stage for Inert Gas 155TIN-200
  • Regulator Extra Heavy Duty, Dual Stage for O2 155TX-200
  • Regulator Extra Heavy Duty for Inert Gas 155IN-200
  • Regulator Extra Heavy Duty Oxygen 155X-200
  • Regulator Heavy Duty for Hydrogen 591H-3000

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