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PT Sandana a gas installation company, which initially concentrated on the development of medical gases. Many large and small hospitals throughout the country using the services of PT Sandana. Varied prices on products to open a larger share for the installation of medical gas PT Sandana. The system includes a central medical gas installations gas, plumbing, faucets breaker (shut off valve), alarm systems, medical gas otlet, and other accessories. Medical gas installation types offered also vary, with the Australian Standard screw system (SIS) and American Standard with a quick connect system (OHMEDA).
After successfully doing business in the medical field, PT SANDANA seeks to expand on the supply of industrial gas installations. Layakanya work on medical gas installations, industrial installations include the installation of tubing, piping, installation of manifold, valve boxes, and alarm (local, central, and alarm area). In addition to the field of industrial gas installations, PT Sandana also providing equipment for welding cutting with oxy fuel system. System oxy fuel welding and cutting is a system that uses a gas mixture of oxygen and acetylene. Cutting welding equipment is supported by a well-known multinational companies to produce products in its field.
The advantages of PT Sandana products are products with international certification, guarantees the availability of spare parts up to 10-year, follow the safety standard for medical, and keep up with technology. Additionally PT Sandana promote high value on customer loyalty by providing competitive rates, but coupled with a good quality product. One year warranty is always given to the customer for every product, but does not include replacement of equipment due to improper usage yangrusak. Besides PT Sandana also provide after sales services, namely service and maintenance.

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