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Nurse call is a communication form that allow patients to alert the nurses or other health care staff member remotely of their need for help. Our nurse call is equipped with indicator central and lamp indicator in every patient room, thus making it easy for nurse to indicate which room should be served first. A Marquee will be installed in the hospital hallway that will also mentions which room/patients is in need of assistance. Therefore having a marquee will improve the caregiver responsiveness especially when their positions are in the hallway. The purpose of using a nurse call is to reduce noise pollution, improve the effectiveness of staff productivity, increase staff awareness, software management reporting, and improve the hospital experience.


Nurse call production is listed in UL 1069 internationally because a patient call for help is a critical condition that will affect their safety and wellbeing. Therefore a nurse call is part of life safety device. In the past, nurse call uses a console to communicate between caregiver and patient. As time goes by and technology advances, nurse call can now be integrated with pocket pagers and wireless phones. Another advantage of our nurse call is the code blue service, which could be use in emergency calls. Code blue will later be integrated with the health worker-owned pager and smart phone.


Our nurse call system is under the American based company Rauland. Rauland has been setting new standards for integrated communications technology for more than 70 (seventy) years. Since 1936 Rauland has identified, developed and perfected innovative communication tools to meet and surpass customer needs. Nurse call has a 45 % share of the total business run by Rauland. This proves that Rauland has a high focus on developing their nurse call. PT Sandana is an authorized distributor for Rauland in Indonesia. Our warranty for the nurse call is 1 ( one ) year and we will guarantee the availability for defected spare part up to 10 ( ten )years.

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