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Industrial gas installation is a centralized gas system using manifolds and piping. Gas cylinders are connected to a central gas manifold using high-pressure pipeline. Gas from the cylinder is connected through a central regulator in the central manifold. The regulator functionality will be to reduce the gas pressure. After that the gas will be given to end user, tailored to the specifics of each gas applications. When handling higher gas consumption, gas cylinder will be replaced with tanks for liquid gas, evaporator units, and regulators. For various mixed gas in high amounts, some additional gas will be mixed at a central location.


Central gas manifold should be placed in a separate location from the main room. Advantage of gas separation is to maximize the workspace area, as well as minimize the risk of fire. The function of the system is to provide gas continuously and sustainably in the work area, reducing the risk of a gas leak due to a central gas manifold. The alarm system will provide a signal when the gas cylinder runs out.


Gas installations should be planned based on gas pressure, type of gas, material selection, as well as the amount of use. Piping installation requires professional personnel. PT Sandana has highly functional engineering team specialized in gas piping. Specialty gases installation, such as oxygen need piping sterilization beforehand to avoid dust, particles, oil, and moss. Each pipe to be installed by PT Sandana is given advance clearance in accordance with the standards of existing piping.


Industrial gas installation systems that we offer includes location designing the system, piping, installation, and after sales service. Once the system installation is done, the next step is to conduct an inspection on the installation system. When proven system runs without any leakage, PT Sandana will conduct training for employees who will operate the system day-to-day to ensure it is safe and efficiently used. PT Sandana provides one year warranty for the installation of gas systems and industrial gas equipment that was sold. The spare part will be guaranteed for ten years.

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