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Medical gas installation system (MGPS) is the setting up of a centralized gas system. It is consist of central oxygen, vacuum, compressed air, and N2O. They are the very backbone of a hospital. Without them it would be impossible to run a hospital. Back in the past, hospital used a conventional system by distributing the required gas to patients using a high-pressure gas cylinders. As time and technology evolved, we could now install a centralized medical gas pipeline sytem which has more advantages such as safety, hygienic, more controlled bottle administration, and guarantee of gas supply continuity. 


PT Sandana offers a complete service from start to finish. Our services are as below.


Before we do the medical gas installation, the first step required is to put together the planning system. Stages of the planning system includes:

(1) site surveys
(2) shop drawings
(3) material planning
(4) determination of exchange capacity
(5) Project budget preparation


When all of the above has been done, our technician will install the medical gas system. Medical gas central space size can be tailored to the needs of the gas supply. However there are some rules in the manufacture of a central space, such as the existence of a gap between each gas, easily accessible distribution, away from heat sources, special toolkit, and danger signs.

Medical gas distributed to patients can be mounted on the critical care units and key operational areas such as:

(1) Operations room
(2) Anesthesia
(3) Recovery room
(4) Action room
(5) Emergency Unit
(6) ICU / ICCU
(7) Maternity
(8) Neonates


After the installation of medical gas, the next step is to conduct testing and commissioning. This process includes testing the gas coming out of the outlet in accordance with the standards set, run the system, and trained the hospital technicians who will be tasked to handle the medical gas system. Training was conducted to assess the operator\\\'s ability to run the system and provide training to hone skills in troubleshooting.

The products offered by PT Sandana to complete the installation of medical gases are :

  1. Manifold
  2. Manual
  3. Semi Automatic
  4. Automatic
  5. Valve Box
  6. Alarm
  7. Master Alarm
  8. Local Alarm
  9. Area Alarm
  10. Outlet: SIS (Srew, Australian Style) and Ohmeda (Quick Connect , American Style )
  11. Flowmeter Humidifier
  12. Suction Regulator
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