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a) Manifold

Central gas manifold to have various types , both of which are used to lower gas usage , to use a stable gas , as well as for the use of sustainable and high gas . Mainfold used for low gas consumption is usually only one side of the manifold . Manifold can be used up to 4 ( four ) cylinders . Manifolds which are used for continuous gas consumption divided into two groups ( left side and right side ) . When the gas on one side is up , the gas on the other side could replace gas availability . Replacement gas is done manually . Gas can be piped to a central manifold and monitor alarms to indicate the area where the cylinder needs to be replaced .

Semi Automatic Manifold
Semi- automatic manifold used for low and medium pressure gas with a continuous supply of gas when changing cylinders . Two cylinders supplied to the central gas manifold . One serves as the operational side of the cylinder . The cylinder will be used until exhausted on the operational side . Changeover will automatically replace the flow of gas from the other cylinders on one side .

Automatic Gas Manifold
Automatic Manifold offers gas supply in a sustainable manner without any interference from the depleted cylinders . Piped gas from two cylinders on one side . When a cylinder runs out , then the manifold will supply gas from the other cylinders are in one side . But at the same time the manifold is automatically also take gas from the cylinder on the other side for supplies .

b ) Regulator

Equipment sales include various industrial gas regulators gas , both heavy industry ( heavy duty) , medium industries ( medium duty ) , and light industry ( light industry) . Regulators are tools that allow high pressure gas to be reduced to a lower pressure used when switching from the cylinder to the downstream equipment . In addition to working to lower the pressure , the other functions of the regulator is set up as a dealer and as well as stabilize the gas pressure coming out of the tube so that the gas flow becomes constant .

pressure Regulator
Pressure Regulator ( pressure regulator ) is a valve that automatically decides the flow of liquid or gas at a certain pressure . Pressure Regulator main function is to regulate the flow . When the load is reduced , then the regulator flow must decrease. If there is increase in load current , the flow regulator must be increased to maintain a deficiency of gas in the system .


central regulator
Central regulator designed with good detail control and has a larger capacity than other types of regulators . The central regulator may also be used for high consumption of gas cylinders or other sources . Central regulator to also be purchased with additional safety valves . Savety valves sold separately . The purpose of the safety valves is to protect the regulator and its components increase in gas pressure occurs when abnormal . Safety valves can be used to protect the regulator , pipe , or manifold .

Specialty Gas Regulators
This type of regulator used for gas that has a high level of purity ( high purity gases ) . Selection of specialty gas regulators can be classified based on :

  • Materials regulator , using a chrome plated or stainless steel
  • Type of gas , if not corrosive aatau
  • Construction of regulators using single stage or double stage
  • Differences inlet pressure , outlet pressure , and gas flow

PT Sandana provide consultation for the use of the appropriate regulator of certain gases . Potential consumers who do not know the type of regulator that should be used to consult with the engineering team PT Sandana to find the right type of regulator with good quality and reasonable price .

Ultra High Purity ( UHP ) Regulator
Ultra high purity gas regulators that has created to a very high degree of purity . Regulators of this type always uses stainless steel materials . Available to lower the gas pressure , which is good for non-corrosive gases , corrosive gases , and toxic gases . Regulatory body made of metal designed to minimize leakage and provide accuracy and long durability . The selection of the regulator can be based on the size of UHP pressure at the inlet and outlet , as well as the gas flow is needed .

c ) Gas Mixer

Gas mixers can be used as an alternative to gas pancampuran for specific applications in industry . Gas mixers can do 2-3 types of gas mixing . The use of gas mixers suitable for use in industrial gas usage fluctuated . PT Sandana offers gas mixer system design is safe and reliable to meet the high demand for safe gas installation .

The information that needs to be considered in designing safe gas installation are :

  • The use of gas
  • Type of gas used
  • Consumption of gas per year ( m ᶟ )
  • maximum flow in m / h
  • Pressure to be used

d ) High Pressure Pigtail

Pigtail / hoses used to connect between the regulator and the cylinder inlet pressure to 2000psig maksismum . Pigtail can also be used for manifold systems .

e ) Flashback arrestor

Flashback arrestor is part of the security , in the form of injury to the user or damage to the equipment when doing activity welding , cutting , and heating . Some functions of flashback arrestor are :

® Prevents back flow of gas

® Stopping a fire / heating back

® Cutting off the flow of gas when the gas that goes back

® Cutting off the flow of gas in the event of excessive heating

Flashback arrestor can be used for regulators , torches / welding tools , and plumbing . The selection was based on the difference flashback arrestor gas type , use , and pressure .

f ) Torch Handles

Torch handle can be used for light work , medium , and heavy . Part of the torch handle is made of brass ( brass ) with high quality . Torch using screw system for easy repair and maintenance . Equipment made in ISO 9001 facilities berstandarkan and pass the UL test .

g ) Cutting Attachment

Made of high quality brass components and stainless steel . This product is available for work -pressure mild , moderate , or high . Each cutting attachments are available for a variety of gases . Equipment made in ISO 9001 facilities berstandarkan and pass the UL test .

h ) Cutting Tip

Cutting tip is made of high quality copper for longer durability . The use of cutting tip cuts aimed at producing a more refined and efficient use of gas . All the cutting tip is sold PT Sandana already passed the test of warming .

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